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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Pat in Ireland??
Category: Touring
From: Ries van Schelven (Ireland)

Hello, Pa,

Let me first thank you for sharing your music with the world. It is a privelage to listen to your compositions.

I'm a Dutch fan for about 15 years now, "dragged" by my wife to beautiful Ireland and have seen you many times in Utrecht and Rotterdam. Is there any chance that you will ever come and visit Ireland?

With kind reards Ries

Pat’s Answer:

hi ries,

it is a real dream for me to play in ireland - it is one of the only places in europe that i have never played or visited and i am so curious about it because all of irish people i have met are so cool - also from photographs and movies it seems like such a beautiful place - maybe someday it will happen!