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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Inspiration
Category: Early Experiences
From: Toni  Schlesinger (Seattle)

Hi Pat - I was one of the fortunate people who caught the Trio show in Olympia. You were gracious enough to sign my discs and talked to my (then) 4 year old son about playing an instrument. I am curious to know what was the strongest influence on you in deciding to play the guitar. It's funny that my (now) 5 YO knows your music immediately if he hears it, has shown a fascination for Jimi Hendrix, and was mesmerized by a recent live performance by Tuck Andress of Tuck and Patti. I remember reading that you started playing the guitar at a relatively late age. Were you parents a strong influence in selecting an instrument? Based on your experence, what things should I do (or continue doing) to cultivate my son's interest in playing the guitar? By the way, thanks again for your kindness during our brief meeting. It really meant the world to me to finally meet someone who's talent I have admired for most of my life.

Pat’s Answer:

hi toni,

i remember you and your son - that's great that he is interested in music like that. for me, i didn't start til much later, and in my case, although my parents were supportive, when i REALLY got interested in playing, they were kind of scared by the intensity of my commitment to it and it remained a difficult thing between us during my teen years (mainly because all i wanted to was practice all the time, every waking hour, and not study at all).

mainly i think music should a fun thing for kids of that age - and if they are exposed to lots of things, that is the best thing in the world for them whether they become musicians or not. you son is really lucky to have a parent like you taking him to see great music at such a young age - i am sure he will love you for it later on!

best from pat m.