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--- Sep 10 1999 Go to category
Subject: Elvin Jones
Category: Other Musicians
From: Bob  Levin (USA)

Could you describe what it was like to play with Elvin Jones on Michael Brecker's forthcoming CD? Any possibility that you will play any gigs with Mr. Jones and Mr. Brecker when this record is released? Thanks.

Pat’s Answer:

hi bob,

i have been really lucky to play with many of the great jazz drummers of our time, but i had never played with elvin before the day we recorded. often in interviews i am asked if there are any musicians who i have not had the chance to play with that i would like to and i always say "elvin".

the experience of playing with him was even better than i ever imagined it could be - all of the things that the world loves about listening to elvin play the drums are magnified when you are actually playing with him, feeling that absolutely singular groove and hearing that amazing sound. maybe the most impressive aspect of the experience to me was the quality of elvin's listening concentration to what everyone was playing. he is just so inside everything that is happening - and so supportive while still being completely himself. i had this exact same sensation playing with mccoy tyner when i have played with him - of course, they are two of the greatest musicians in the history of jazz - but to play with them you realize that they are also two of the greatest accompianists ever - the way they listen to what you play is so deep and inspiring. i think the record is coming out in oct/nov. it is a real drummers record - elvin is on 3 tunes, tain (jeff watts) is on 3 tunes, and bill stewart is on 3 tunes. kind of a real portrait of the state of the art in jazz drumming for right now. (minus roy and max and jack).

thanks for writing in, best from pat thanks for writing