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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Thomas Chapin
Category: Other Musicians
From: Rob Bores (n/a)

Pat, Did you ever have the opportunity to play with saxophonist/flutist Thomas Chapin whopassed away of leukemia in February? Even during Thomas's early years in the Hartford, I thought that his energy and broad musicality would be a good match for you. Here's a quote of his about his ability to perform a wide spectrum of music that seems similar to comments you've made in the past: "I look at it as just music, so whatever the music that's being presented is- that's where I go. So it's just a question of what I choose to present at any given time or who I'm playing with... I mean you can listen to those records and say "Wow, there's a big difference there," but for me it's all music and I really enjoy playing all different styles of music and different aspects of the language. "

Pat’s Answer:

i never played with him but knew his playing - he was a great musician.