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--- Oct 18 2006 Go to category
Subject: Fretless Classical
Category: Guitars
From: Matt Mayes (Tampa/USA)

When did you first play a fretless guitar? And do you still mess around on it during your practice and creation times? By the way, I now have a fretless classical and I enjoy it's feathery and unique tone. Don't you think it has a really strong character to it? I think it parallels the functioning of your pearly toned jazz guitar sounds.

Matt Mayes

Pat’s Answer:

hi matt,

i have tried fretless guitar on and off since i was a teenager and have always found both appealing and challenging. for me, there is a certain thing that it can do that obviously i can’t get to any other way. i started gravitating towards a nylon string version in the mid-90’s. once again, the great collaboration that i have enjoyed with linda manzer through the years came into play - she built the one that i used on the piece “imaginary day” and came up with some interesting ideas regarding the kinds of strings that i was using (a wound b string for example) and the way the bridge and tailpiece work together. i later asked her to make a twelve string version with nylon strings which i also really enjoy (“counting texas” from the trio>live record. in recent years, i have not gravitated towards it too much, but i still love playing it.

best from pat