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--- Dec 01 2012 Go to category
Subject: Ibanez PM 20 korean made guitar
Category: Guitars
From: Pedro Higgins (Argentina)

Pat!! hi there man, im a big fan. Ive been playing guitar for 18 years by now and one of my best guitars i ever had was a Pm20 damn good guitar!!! i trade it to get a gerge benson model because of the fretboard ebony and such things... also made in japan.. but.. the really thing is that i really miss my old Korean PM20 like hell!! theres all stories of you having one pm20 but internet people says its a JAPAN prototype i guess it makes sense. anyway what guitar are you holding at the picture from unity band it looks like the famous pm20 natural. i think im obssessed.. but ive try the pm100 and pm120 and they dont sound like my old pm20 that was a ver good guitar indeed i must get it back! thanks for your music Pat!! and have a really good year! Peter Higgins

Pat’s Answer:

Hi Pedro, As I understand it, Ibanez will be re-releasing the PM-20 soon, which I am very excited about. It will be slightly different than the prototype in that it will go all the way up to D instead of just to C. Glad you are enjoying those instruments.