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--- Dec 19 2012 Go to category
Subject: Tuning for "And I Love Her
Category: Specific Tunes
From: Jim Martin (North Haven, CT. USA)

Would you mind sharing your tuning for "And I Love Her"?

Do you have any of your solo arrangements written out and for sale. I really enjoy them. I thought what you did with "Don’t Know Why" was very creative. My solo version is pretty straight with little variation. I like the places you found to take that song. Thanks!

Pat’s Answer:

Hi Jim,

Actually that track is one of the two on the record that is just a straight regular guitar in regular tuning (everything else is the baritone in the half nashville tuning described in the notes on the record). It seems like a lot of people have been asking about a book of transcriptions for "What's it all about" so it is in the works now - "And I love her" will be in there too. Not sure when it will be out but shouldn't be too far away. Thanks!