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--- Dec 01 2012 Go to category
Subject: New Orchestrion Project CD
Category: Recordings
From: Craig Canfield (Las Vegas, NV)

Will the new CD be a different mix from the soundtrack on the DVD? Also, I notice that the "Orchestrion Suite" has been spread out and rearranged across the two CDs. I had imagined it to be a single work with 5 movements. Could you comment on that?

Gotta say it: Please come to Vegas! XXOO

Pat’s Answer:

Yes, it is a completely different mix. Pete Karam and I realized as we were were doing the video mixes that there was a record in there that was a pretty different thing and we went back after the fact and started new mixes with the listener only in mind. It was then mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling as an audio only program - it really needed to be looked at as a record. There are extensive liner notes that explain the sequence. I am really excited to have this coming out in this form. Hope you will enjoy it.