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--- Dec 01 2012 Go to category
Subject: "What’s it All About
Category: Recordings
From: Marc Silver (Fort Wayne, IN)

Hi Pat, Is there a transcription book coming out anytime soon for What’s it All About? The One Quiet Night book has been a great tool for learning your "new genre" of solo guitar pieces played on baritone guitar with half-Nashville tuning. I could never figure out what to do with an acoustic baritone until I heard you play Ferry ’Cross the Mersey. When I changed to the half- Nashville tuning (both middle strings up an octave), it instantly all made sense to me. I’m also creating my own baritone arrangements, but yours are the gold standard. Hopefully, the What’s it All About? transcriptions will be available soon. Thanks.

Pat’s Answer:

Yes! It is in the works now....hope to have it out soon. Thanks for listening.