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--- Dec 03 2012 Go to category
Subject: Two Primetime’s or One?
Category: Technology
From: Scott Tide

Pat I know you’ve been asked this question a billion times. But after reading all articles on the subject I’m still left with this question. In the days you were using the Primetime 95 for the mod delay did you have two separate 95’s or just one unit and split the two delays (already in the box) on either side of you? Also what was the mono delay heard during the same period. Thanks for your time

Pat’s Answer:

Hi Scott,

Back then, it had to be two different Prime Times because the two different delay sides got did not have discrete outputs. In order to spread the sound around the stage, there had to be two units. Now I use a TC electronics stereo box that David Oakes set up to do the exact same thing in a much more efficient way. Thanks for listening.