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--- Dec 19 2012 Go to category
Subject: Detroit Area
Category: Touring
From: Kris Carlson (Fenton/USA)

Hi Pat,

You used to perform at places like Meadowbrook, Pine Knob (now DTE music theater) and many other locations in the Detroit area. Lately, I’ve noticed you don’t schedule engagements at larger arena’s like Meadowbrook and Pine Knob, but rather at smaller venues like the Music Hall in downtown Detroit, where I saw you for Orchestration. That was amazing by the way. I took a friend and he was quite surprised that you were playing everything, as was I. But I miss the tours like you did for "We Live Here". That was awesome to see you at Meadowbrook that summer.

My question is, how can I get a heads up when you will be near Detroit? I live in Fenton, which is north of Detroit. There are theaters all over this area. Some nice venues in Ann Arbor, where I’m sure you have a loyal following. I don’t want to miss your live performances anymore. I love watching you live.

Most Sincerely, Kris Carlson

P.S. I first saw you in Boston in the summer of 1981. I was attending the summer seminar at Berklee. I wasn’t entirely certain what I was seeing was real. It was amazing. I can still see you burning chromatics so cleanly. It changed what I thought was possible on the electric guitar. So fast and so clean.

Pat’s Answer:

Hi Kris,

Detroit is really special for me and always has been. And one of the things that makes Detroit so interesting is all the different and excellent places there are to play in the area. From Baker's Keyboard Lounge to Meadowbrook, I think I have been able to play in most of them over the years. But it is the Detroit audience that really makes it so unique - consistently one of the best audiences in the world year after year. Which venue I get to play in is always more up to the promoters and the general sense of how many folks they think will come, and yes, that changes all the time over the years. The musical demise of WDET has been a huge blow for the community and musicians as well. What I will say is that any chance I get to play in Detroit, I will always be there.