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--- Jan 09 2013 Go to category
Subject: Unity Band Future
Category: General Questions
From: Donald Nayson (USA)

Hi Pat,

Long time fan, first time writer. I have seen you play over the years many times, but your concert in Denver this summer was not only the best concert of yours that I have ever seen including the legendary Red Rocks gigs of years past, it was one of the greatest concerts of any kind I have ever been to. As much as I have admired the different things you have done in so many different combos, this seemed to be on a whole other level. You and Chris Potter are a combination of musical powerhouses like has never been seen before and I have never heard Antonio with a more sympathetic and exceptional bass player than Ben. To me it is a perfect band. What are your plans going ahead with this incredible unit? PS - Congratulations on the well deserved Grammy nomination!

Pat’s Answer:

Hi Donald, Thanks for listening over the years and thanks for all the compliments. I enjoyed that Denver gig a lot. And yes, for me too, the Unity Band experience was something very, very special. We played around 100 sets of music and every minute of the time we were all together was unlike anything I have ever experienced in music. The way that everyone listened and the level that everyone was capable of consistently getting to and sustaining was something so rare and special to me that when the whole thing was over, none of us wanted it to end, even after all that work and all those gigs. Really, all I want to do is keep playing with those guys and see where it can all go - I have the feeling we just scratched the surface. Stay tuned!