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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Secret Story video/PM Symphony?
Category: Recordings
From: Betty L. (n/a)

Hello again, Pat! I finally received my Secret Story video in the mail, and I was really impressed with the orchestral sound, considering there was no orchestra! Could you enlighten me as to whether the keyboards were creating those sounds or were you using recordings?Was it simply financially unfeasible for you to tour with an orchestra? I would really love to see you and the band live with a full orchestra sometime -- do you think at any time in the future you might write something along the lines of a symphony?

Pat’s Answer:

we did everything we could do using the technology availible to us to make the music come alive - this included samplers, sequencers, synths and mainly the talents of two of the best keyboard players around ; jim beard and gil goldstein. i still can't believe i got BOTH of those guys to do that tour, i was really lucky. yes, it would be totally out of the question to tour with an orchestra because of financial concerns. someday, i may write a piece for some kind of large ensemble and guitar.