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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Macrame-Beaded Thing
Category: General Questions
From: Rockford J. (n/a)

Hey Pat--I've been a listener since early 81 and have seen your shows many times over the years, particularly in the 80s (when it was easier to get good seats!) Anyway, my brother and I always wondered about something: In the earlier days, you wore this kind of small macrame-looking thing with beads when you were on stage that looked like it hung from your belt or something . I also noticed in pictures that Jaco used to wear one too. What were those things and what was the significance (if there was any)?

Pat’s Answer:

i used to keep picks in there. i still have it somewhere. it came from lawrence welk's niece from vermillion, south dakota who is a really good singer. no joke!