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--- Feb 24 2000 Go to category
Subject: Damn Voicing
Category: Specific Tunes
From: Olivier Bourquin (France)

Hello Pat ... It's very nice to write to you and i hope my so poor english will be understood (so far away from school !!!). "Tell it All" is one of the most colored blues i ever heard and after dozens listening session i'm still happy with it ... guitarist myself i use to try to play your fantastic tunes ... but ... i definitely can't acheive voicing the E7 #9 chord before the chorus begins on that track !!! (i heard it couple times more live voiced differently and it sounded "open" a bit : that was amazing !!!) Please keep on being yourself, providing us such damn good music ...


Pat’s Answer:

hi olivier,

i don't remember exactly, but i am pretty sure it is just your basic "purple haze" e7#9, more or less!