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--- Feb 24 2000 Go to category
Subject: Farmer's Trust
Category: Composing
From: P. Lately (Dallas TX)


I've maintained for a long time that the thematic material in Farmer's Trust is--at least loosely--based on Schumann's The Happy Farmer. I have even "duked it out" in the Garage with others who didn't quite agree, likely either because they aren't familiar with the Schumann theme, or because it is not easily discernable throughout Farmer's Trust.

If you tell me there's no correlation, I'll eat my words, because I swear I can hear it. Is this merely coincidence? No better place than right from the man himself to clear up this mystery.

Thanks, p_lately

Pat’s Answer:

dear p,

i have never heard the particular piece you are talking about - no, "farmer's trust" is not based on anything other than itself. it is one of the tunes i would list if i had that somehow represents the kind of thing i try to get going when i try to write music. the "happy farmer"?