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--- Feb 24 2000 Go to category
Subject: The order these questions are answered?
Category: General Questions
From: Questioner xx (usa)

why are the newer questions answered and the older ones are not?

Pat’s Answer:

good question, questioner! at the moment, i kind of have to answer the newest questions first, because of the way this interface is set up. there are about 500 questions that have built up in there - because of the way it is set up here, i have to "page back" all the way to the beginning to get to question number one, which would take about 2 hours - so bear with us here, i think that will get fixed eventually. also, just for your alls information, before you post a question, just paste it into the SEARCH thing first. i would say that at this point about 80 percent of the questions i have already answered. thanks from pat.