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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Stolen Guitar, Chick Corea, Benedetto Guitars
Category: General Questions
From: Mark Consugar (n/a)

First, I wanted to thank you for replying to my question from the last thread... great hearing back from you. I have a couple quick questions for you: 1.) I remember reading once that aprototype Ibanez guitar of yours that I think you used on "Secret Story" was stolen at one of your Philadelphia concerts. Had you recovered it? 2.) How was playing with Chick Corea? I had e-mailed him asking if he and you would ever get together. He replied suggesting that it was a possibility but that nothing was planned. Hearing that you guys finally got together was adream come true for me (you both are my favorite musicians). Will you guys be touring? 3.) I had gone to college at East Stroudsburg Univ. in PA and frequented the Deer's Head Inn on many occassions (rumor had it you played unannounced there once... sorry I missed you) Anyway, have you ever considered getting Bob Benedetto to make an archtop for you? I met the man when Howard Alden and Jimmy Bruno played at the Deer's Head a couple years back. Really nice guy to talk to. Thought that maybe that was one of the reasons you were in thearea. Peace...

Pat’s Answer:

playing with chick is always a blast - he is also one of my favorite musicians and the gary burton record that we made is, i think, a really nice record. very unusual to have 3 chordal instruments working together in the way that we did on that record. i think it is coming out at the end of october.

the deer head inn is a great place to play and i hope to play there again sometime. i know that a lot of guys love their benedetto guitars - me, i have all the guitars i will ever need and am trying not to accumulate any more!