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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Gibson ES-175
Category: Guitars
From: John McMillin (n/a)

One old friend didn't make the Id tour to Atlanta -- your old Gibson ES-175. That fine old ax had become a legend, the finest-sounding, sorriest-looking guitar I've seen, toothbrush strap holder, duct tape and all. Did it expire, or was it retired? Your new black Ibanez sounds tinny & harsh by comparison. Great playing, though, as always...

Pat’s Answer:

i have been seeing comments like that recently on the ag. i miss the 175 too, it just was getting too rickety in the past few years- and i don't really want to fix it up for fear that it might change it. however, i find some of the analysis of the sound differences - especially the really dogmatic ones like this one - pretty funny - sorry, but *i* can't even tell the difference on records or live between the two to any great degree in a number of a/b tests. most of the difference in sound has to do with the room that they are being played in and especially where the tone control is. ok, here's a test for you - on secret story there are 2 songs that are played on the ibanez but sound like the 175 - can you tell which ones they are? also on letter from home, there is one on the ibanez, the rest are the 175. can you name it?