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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: It's For You & The Awakening (live?)
Category: Specific Tunes
From: Linda V. (n/a)

PAT..when you and/or Lyle mentioned the reason you didn't continue to play the Awakening or It's For You (btw, thanks for acknowledging my note at the King Center regarding IFY..really appreciate that, very considerate of you.), you say that it just didn't work for you all playing it live. Can you explain that? What happens or what doesn't happen to make it "not work"? Would rehearsal help, or is it something that just has to "happen" at that particular moment in time when you decide to play it? Doesn't an audience's positive (or non) reaction play a part in how it goes on stage? I've heard you say that with the music it's "just between me and it", but isn't there a point and time when the "vibe" between artist and listener plays somewhat of a part in the way the music flows from the artist?

Pat’s Answer:

basically, they just aren't that "fun" to play after a time or two. it has to be fun.