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--- Feb 24 2000 Go to category
Subject: Alternate Tunings
Category: General Questions
From: Tim Luhrman (Alachua, FL USA)

I first saw the PMG on PBS I believe back in 1980 or so and caught a performance that was the distillation of a sound that I had been looking for since I started playing guitar back in the sixties (am 47 now). Having been a large fan of Joni Mitchell's and David Crosby's, two musicians that use many alternate tunings to create big voiced chords, your music made a direct impact on me. Obviously, your music was deeper into the jazz idiom, however I could still hear influences of each of their music somewhere in your playing. I know that you did tour with Joni at one time and was wondering if you have ever considered recording with David Crosby. What do you think of his music and do you use any alternate tunings in any of your compositions?

P.S. You REALLY need to come back to perform in Gainesville, Florida again at the Performing Arts Center (I saw you on the Secret Stories tour there). Great acoustics and I think you will have to look hard to find a more appreciative audience.

Kind regards, Tim Luhrman

Pat’s Answer:

of course, i love joni and her music and playing with her was great, although i didn't really do much with her in the "tunings" dept. i don't know much about david crosby. we will come back to gainesville soon, i hope, maybe on the next group tour.

best from pat m.