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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Allan Holdsworth
Category: Other Musicians
From: N. G. (n/a)

Pat, I've never heard you mention Allan Holdsworth - who I think ranks up there with you, Frisell, Towner and Scofield in terms of having an unimitable voice, great technique and above all, an uncompromising attitude towards music. I'm not sure if a collaboration would work since you have such different styles which might not be complimentary... But have you met him? Or considered doing anything with him in any fashion? Thanks!

Pat’s Answer:

i totally agree that alan is one of the greatest guitarists ever - his work on the mid-70's tony williams records was revolutionary and changed everything for guitarists everywhere. it is a real mystery to me why he is not a household name. but it really doesn't matter, his contribution is large and i think all musicians know it. i have never met him, but i would like to. other guitarists in a similar zone who don't get the nearly the props they deserve for me are wayne krantz, frank gambale and especially scott henderson. all great great musicians.