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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Jaco (w/Bob Mose & PM)
Category: Other Musicians
From: Mark S. (n/a)

hey pat- i saw you guys in concert in phoenix for the ID tour and you kicked ass!! i'm one of your younger fans (14) and also a huge admirer (i.e. worshiper) of jaco pastorius. in bill\ milkowski's book "Jaco", bob moses keeps saying that you guys used to play the baddest\ "rave-up, afro-cuban, cream." i was wondering if there were any recordings of that period,besides "bright sized life" that document that louder, crazier, outer side of that trio's playing, and if you ever planned to release them? thanks for the incredible show.

Pat’s Answer:

on the upcoming "early jaco" release there will be a few rare live tracks of that trio that are actually pretty interesting. i didn't really know what moses was talking about when i saw that quote actually... but it was really cool playing with those guys.