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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Zero Tolerance for Silence (ZTFS)
Category: Recordings
From: David M. (n/a)

Hi Pat - Of all the 'standard' guitars you have played, which one (or more) stands out as the most comfortable for your style of playing? I am in awe of your musical ability and love all but one of your CDs, namely ZTFS. It was the fourth CD of yours that I bought and if I had not known better, it may have put me off buying your other works as it is SO different! Given that it may have alienated others from the majority of your music, can you rationalise your decision to release it?

Pat’s Answer:

we've been through this a few times before... you might want to check the archives. as far as "alienation" goes, with all due respect, anyone who is alienated by that record (or any of the others for that matter) is welcome to their own musical world that we all are in the continuous process of defining for ourselves - whether listeners or players. i guess my point is that no rationalization is necesary when it comes to playing the music that one likes.