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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Sting
Category: Other Musicians
From: Chris Van Duyn (n/a)

Pat - Have you ever met or spoken to Sting? Do you enjoy his music? Have you ever considered any type of collaboration with him (a tune of more, sit in on a live situation,etc.).

Pat’s Answer:

i actually do know him a little bit- believe it or not, he told me that the police used to play some of the songs from bright size life on their first tour in america; we ran into them in a hotel lobby somewhere (this would have been 1977) and they were just a bunch of guys like us driving around in a van doing gigs. the next thing we knew they were the biggest band in the world - and we were like, "aren't those those guys that we saw in that hotel lobby in where-ever about a year ago?" i do like stings music too, he is a really good musician overall (how he played those backed up bass parts and sang at the same time still is amazing to me).