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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Sign of 4
Category: Recordings
From: Gary Greenberg (Newton/USA)

I am not a musician, but am deeply into Jazz and Classical music. (I am also a great and dedicated fan of yours!) I really enjoy "Sign of 4", and wonder if you could describe how the band approaches creating this type of music. Also, would you ever consider a Song X II? This is a facinating album... we want more! ;-)

Best! Gary

Pat’s Answer:

thanks gary,

i really love that record, and the experience of making it was truly inspiring. at the time i predicted that it would be unpopular among two groups - listeners who were not really that interested in the spirit side of music, but more into the sound side of it, and knowing how they are, members of the (for what it's worth) "avant-garde community". that prediction kind of turned out to be true, as most everyone else who was really interested in giving it a chance found they liked it. it is hard to describe the "approach" of this kind of group playing in a short paragraph or two - but the key to any kind of playing is always listening.

as far as "song x" 2 goes - i see ornette pretty often and we talk about doing something else again all the time - i hope we will....