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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Gifted or not gifted
Category: General Questions
From: Kakon Frédéric (France)

Pat, I'm a young guitarist from France who has discovered the jazz with your music. I'm teaching guitar for three years now and I have a question about something which is hard to teach : rhythm. I saw lots of people who were not "gifted" about that feeling and others who understand everything just by earing once. What is your opinon about that ? I think it is very cruel to tell someone : "Well you're not gifted !!" But sometimes it's maybe the truth... BTW I were at the Olympia in France for the ID tour : one of the best moment of my life, really. Thanks for everything.

Pat’s Answer:

i used to think it was something like what you are talking about too as far as "talent" or "being gifted" or whatever. as time has gone by, i realize that every person has his/her own way of hearing and feeling all aspects of music - sometimes it takes some of us longer than others to find other people who hear rhythm the same way we do (or want to) - but that doesn't always mean that other ways of hearing and playing things are wrong. but i am probably being too liberal with all of this - yes, there are times when it seems like some musicians (even at a professional level) have less than perfect time - but sometimes it is just a matter of practice and patience. in my case, i struggle with my own limitations constantly, and if someone (like a teacher) told me that i "was not gifted" when i knew myself that it wasn't as good as i wanted it to be - it wouldn't do me any good. stay positive with your students - they can use that!!