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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: miles
Category: General Questions
From: claude duboscq (france)

hi pat I am a great fan . Thanks for all your wonderful music during all these years. have you met miles ? and have you the opportunity to play with him ?

Pat’s Answer:

i knew miles from the days when we used to play concerts opposite each other. there was a period when i could have played with miles - but honestly, i didn't think i was the right kind of player for what he was doing at the time - and honestly, i didn't really feel that close to the music that he played after his comeback in 1980 - even though he himself often sounded amazing during that time (he ALWAYS did) . however, i now kick myself that i DIDN'T do it - somehow, he was one of those guys that i thought would never die - i expected to do something with him later or something.... his passing was devasting for me, and for the entire jazz community - he was the leader of the jazz world, even during the years he didn't play he retained that role. since he has been gone, there has been no leader, there is no one even close to having the kind of importance to the community as a whole that miles had. we all really really miss him, as i'm sure all music lovers do everywhere....