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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: live trio record, "like minds" tour, songbook update
Category: Recordings
From: phil fallo (new york)

pat, rumour has it that you're going to release a "live" cd from your recent west coast trio tour w/ grenadier & brian blade. tell me it's true! hopefully you'll bring this group east in '99. also any possibility of the "like minds" band doing a tour and yeah, i realize it would be a scheduling nightmare. a tour w/ jim hall is also high on my wish list . . . and is that songbook ever going to come out? in addition to lead sheets, a solo transcription book would be pretty cool. i don't ask for much, do i? thanks.

Pat’s Answer:

we are working on a potential trio release now - we will just have to see how it turns out - the tour itself was an absolute joy for me, just such a pleasure to be with those guys personally and musically - the jim hall record is just finished now; and with excellent work by steve rodby and gil goldstein on a production level (mainly sorting through and organizing the many hours of recording) we ended up with a record that i really love - and am so proud to be a part of with one of my biggest heroes - jim. it should come out in feb. you're right, just finding the time to get the "like minds" band together for the record took about two years - i would say that it would be really hard to find time to do dates where we are all free - unfortunately. and, yes, believe it or not, we did a massive amount of work on the songbook in august - and there is still one more round of corrections to do - but i really can say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel - it will be out FOR SURE in 99. i can guarantee it.also, and this is the best news of all - the book is so much fun - even for me. just to be able to sit down and play through all of those songs (around 160!) with correct chord changes and melodies - it is really thrilling to be able to open that window to our thing to other players and interested parties. solo transcriptions? that will be EASY after the songbook. any requests for which solos? - may as well start thinking about it.