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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: New Jersey
Category: Touring
From: Anthony  Dezenzo (Montclair, New Jersey)

Hey Pat: I have seen just about every show that you've done in New Jersey and feel SO PROUD when you pronounce to the audience that we are one of your favorite venues to play. What is it that makes us so special here in "The Garden State" for you and PMG? Also, you seem to have an penchant for Italy (i.e.: Cinema Paradiso, Passagio per il Paradiso). Same question.

Pat’s Answer:

i don't know what it is about that nj/south jersey/philly thing - but it is for real. of course there are other places around the world that are good sometimes for us, even consistently good for a number of years - but that nj thing has been important to us from the beginning and it has never let up in all these years - and it is the same in italy. i just feel happy that we continue to enjoy the special relationship with our fans in those two areas after all this time....