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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Rush/Bill Watrous
Category: Other Musicians
From: Jeff Bernhardt (Colorado Springs)

Just for my own personal curiosity, I was wondering what you think about two musicians/groups. Those two being the Canadian rock band Rush and jazz trombone player Bill Watrous. I assume you've heard of Bill Watrous, but wouldn't be surprised if you hadn't. His recent album "Bone-ified" is wonderful. Before I started listening to you and more recently Gabriel Faure, Rush and Bill Watrous were my two biggest influences. Watrous is a very melodic soloist who has an amazing tone and has killed the old thought that trombone players can't play fast and make it sound good. As for Rush, I've always loved their lyrics and especially Neil Peart, their drummer. In the 25 or so years he's been with Rush, I've only heard Peart repeat and handful of his fills which really says something about his creativity. Anyway, just wondering what you thought about these musicians.

Pat’s Answer:

hey jeff,

well, you get the award for "most eclectic" listener for this session!

bill watrous is an amazing musician who i have followed since the late sixties when i first heard him play. i agree that he is one of the greatest trombone players ever with an absolutely gorgeous sound and skill as a player.

rush, on the other hand, is a band that i know nothing about. they are a little like the grateful dead for me in that i know there are millions of people who love them, but i never really got the urge to go deep into their thing based on what i had heard of it - but probably i never heard the right stuff at the right time in my life.

but i think it is cool that they are your two favorite artists!