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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Concert planning
Category: Touring
From: Valery  Stepanov (Moscow, Russia)

Dear Pat! I rememeber your concert in Moscow 1987(Probably 1987?!). For me it was unforgetable event in my life. Before, I heard your "turn left" album authumn 1983. I newer heard anything like this before. It was a very new discovery in the new fusion music. But, never impression could be comparative to live music! So, my question is: do you plannig to visit Moscow again?

Valery Stepanov (Sorry for my English!)

Pat’s Answer:

we would love to get the chance to visit russia again - don't know if we would be able to draw a good enough crowd there for a promoter to justify the expense of bringing us (and all our gear, that's really the problem) - but i hope someday someone will take a chance on us.... that tour in 87 was a real highlight for all of us - what a great country filled with so many nice and kind people....