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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Fame, etc.
Category: General Questions
From: Samantha A. (Halifax, Nova Scotia)


Pat, has becoming well known ever influenced your every day life, like just walking down the street, eating out, etc? I assume it probably depends on what city you're at, but I've wondered if people recognize you that often in the public. Do you ride on subways and do everything else working folks do? You ever get mobbed unexpectedly in a non-concert setting by waiting fans? If your success doesn't cause that kinds of problems I bet you're really happy it doesn't. Hell, you wouldn't be that accessible to us!! Thanks in advance. Sam

Pat’s Answer:

it is funny, but like a lot of people in this stratified culture that we live in, i am fairly well known to a very specific group of folks and absolutely unknown to the vast majority of people. this same kind of thing would be true with famous luge atheletes or pool players i guess. about the worst thing that ever happens is that someone will pass me on the street and look funny at me (of course they could be thinking of robbing me or something too) or they will say something nice about the music. but yes, i am really glad not to have to worry about this very much. also, i have made a point of never putting my own face on any album cover over this past 25 years or so, so my 'image' is not really that well known except to real music fans. from the times i have been around REALLY famous people (like pino danielli in italy, or joni mitchell here) i can see that it really would not be too much fun to have to worry all the time about your privacy.