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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Follow-ups to greatness
Category: Recordings
From: Rick  Boone (Gallipolis, OH )

Pat, I, and I suspect many of your fans, consider "Secret Story"to be among the highlights of a remarkable artistic career. Do you have any plans to return to a format similar to SS with guest artists, orchestral arrangements, and such stunning musical diversity? Along those same lines, Lyle's "fictionary" is just brilliant. What do you say Lyle, any trio or acoustic piano recordings in your future? BTW thanks to all concerned for this great new PMGLN feature!

Pat’s Answer:

hi rick,

secret story was something that was the result of everything up to then - i often referred to it as a kind of summation of a bunch of cumulative things that led up to that point in my life. i don't think i could ever make a record quite like that again. but, i do like the scale of that record and probably will try to do something with that same kind of range to it someday. i agree that "fictionary" is a great record - definitely my personal favorite lyle record . but wait til you hear the solo midi/piano record he is working is truly some deep music and the most original music that i have heard lyle play to date.