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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Harmony . . .
Category: General Musical Conception
From: James Moran (Schenectady, NY)


I've been a fan since American Garage and belive that PMG work is the best music I've ever heard -- or seen (saw you guys in Morgantown, WV in college; in Pittsburgh, Lenox, MA, Albany, NY and Philadelphia). Yours is virtually the only music I can listen to over and over again . . . I have two questions:

1. Of all the qualities of your music -- texture, rhythm, technical quality, etc. (all is outstanding) I believe the blend and structure of harmony to be absolutely beautiful and exquisite. I used to think that was Lyle Mays' central contribution (my bias as an ex-piano player) but over the years I now see that is not true. How relatively important do you see harmony to the creation of your work? On a related question . . .

2. I strongly feel that each PMG member does great work on their own but -- by far -- does the greatest work together. Would you agree?

Thanks for your answers (I could have asked about 100 more but I figure you're a little busy to answer that many!!!).

Hey, don't ever stop what you're doing . . .

Jim Moran

Pat’s Answer:

hi james,

i love chords - i always want to learn more about harmony and what sounds are possible to imply harmonically through all kinds of melody as well. it is harder to quantify the importance of harmony/melody OVER rhythm - because really all three have to work together to make the kind of music that it seems like you and i both are drawn to.

as far as what aspect of what i get to do is the "best" - i have no idea, i am just glad to get the chance to play with such great musicians inside and outside of my regular band. i'm really glad you like the music!