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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Cathedral in a Suitcase?
Category: Inspiration
From: Elena Gillespie (Ann Arbor MI)

I can't believe they actually posted a question of mine from ages ago, I sounded ridiculous, but I WAS very excited about seeing PMG at DID make my birthday, BTW, thanks! But anyway, what do you do to recharge your batteries? I know that doing what one loves is all one really needs, but there must be something you do to Or do you take that place with you?

Pat’s Answer:

i don't know - they seem to be pretty charged most of the time; i guess it's like you said, i really love getting to do what i do and really look forward to each opportunity and what it offers, so the whole thing is always pretty much fun for me. but i am lucky in that the quality of the opportunities that i get is pretty high - and that makes it even more fun. but even when i used to play holiday inn gigs and weddings and stuff, i really looked forward to each gig, so i think you can find something fun in almost everything.