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--- Jun 05 2000 Go to category
Subject: Chris Minh Doky
Category: Other Musicians
From: Lise jensen (USA)

Dear Pat, First of all thank you for giving me such great feelings when listening to your music. I have long been following the bassist Chris Minh Doky. I think he is a one-of-a-kind bass player with a sound I haven't heard before. Although his records are different than yours he gives me some of the same feelings I get when listening to you. Are you familiar with him and if so what are you thoughts on him? Thank you again for your great music. All the very best to you. -Lise

Pat’s Answer:

hi lise.

in fact i know chris and play with him every now and then - sometimes we get together in nyc and have jam sessions. he is a great player and a great person - i am always curious to know what he is up to!

best from pat