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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Who would you play with?
Category: Touring
From: Elena Gillespie (Ann Arbor MI)

If you could choose some other jazz artists for a weekend event, who would you pick and why? Would you make it an outside venue or indoors? Thanks

Pat’s Answer:

if i were a programmer choosing from who is available out there right now?? that's a good one....

joe henderson trio
keith jarrett trio
jim hall trio
kenny garrett trio
mike brecker quartet
elvin and mccoy duo
herbie and wayne duo
david s. ware quartet
derek bailey solo
allan holdsworth
gary burton/chick corea duo
bill frisell trio
branford marsalis trio
joe lovano trio
roy haynes quartet
joshua redman quartet
joe zawinul syndicate
cecil taylor solo
brian blade fellowship
lyle mays solo
han bennick solo
dave holland quintet
charlie haden quartet
brad meldahl trio

i could go on, but already it would go on for 3 days!! it would be outdoors, in a bullring, and the audience would be standing up, not seated.

and i guess i would play in there somewhere, but i don't know with who, maybe charlie, or brian and larry.