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--- Jun 11 2000 Go to category
Subject: Recording
Category: General Questions
From: William  Singleton (Ridgefield, NJ)

Hey Pat:

First of all thanks a million for all of the wonderful music you've given us over the years! With that said I'd like say that your recordings have always been pristine, but I would like to know if you have any plans of remastering some of your older and current work in the HDCD format? I am sure you've heard the difference in quality and it could even make your already great 20 bit and 24 bit recordings sound as if we were in the studio with you! All the best! Bill

Pat’s Answer:

hi bill,

since all of the records since "quartet" have been done 24 bit - the minute that they finally start delivering the players that can play them (DVD Audio players) - we will be among the first to release things in that full bandwidth way.

believe me, having heard what these sound like myself, and being a little familiar with the format you are talking about - dvd audio will be worth the wait.

best from pat