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--- Jun 09 2000 Go to category
Subject: Quartet tour/Kenny G
Category: General Questions
From: Alice  Emmons (Cincinnati, Ohio)

First off, after reading your response to the Kenny G imbroglio I'd like to say a big "thanks" for speaking up. Being female, people seem to have this annoying assumption that if I enjoy jazz, it must be Kenny G. Having listened to you, the Breckers, Larry Goldings, the Flecktones, etc. I find this highly insulting.

I wish more people would take the time to honestly evaluate what the man does instead of just sucking it all up.

I don't begrudge Mr. G the opportunity to make a living. I just wish he'd quit making the assumption that he's God's gift to music, women, yada yada yada. He and Michael Bolton should be locked in a trunk together for the forseeable future. Soundproof, preferably.

On the subject of touring, I noticed the special quartet (comprised of a lot of my favorite musicians) is not slated for any U.S. locations. While again cursing the relative lack of sophistication of the American concert scene, is there any possiblity that any such grouping might play in the states? Maybe even in the (gasp!) Midwest?

Pat’s Answer:

hi alice,

i guess you are talking about the "special quartet" that is going to tour this summer in europe with mike brecker, larry goldings, bill stewart and myself. no, there are no current plans to do a tour with that band here in the states. mike and i do seem to get together every few years to do something though (we did some concerts around the states a couple of years ago when we did mike's tales from the hudson record) - maybe next time.

it is true however, that there are many more opportunities to play in europe these days than there are in the states, which makes me really miss the days when there was more general support and interest in creative music in this culture.