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--- Jun 09 2000 Go to category
Subject: Larry Coryell
Category: Other Musicians
From: Mark Sherman (NYC,NY)

Pat This is Mark Sherman. I've played vibes and Piano and done many gigs with Larry Coryell for the past 7 years. When Larry plays in his best improvising setting he sounds beautiful. I agree with you when you say you've lost respect for Larry with his Wes Montgomery overdub. I think CD 101 or wave jazz has ruined the jazz record industry.It has been terrible for the art form. However sometimes money talks and record companies dont give a shit about the artist. Still Larry is a truly committed improviser and I can always be sure I'll play a lot on a Larry Coryell gig. When it comes right down to it all he really wants to do is play like you or me. Unfortunately all of us are not as fortunate to be able to make a good life playing only our own music or should I say the music we love. Have you heard Larry lately? He still plays his ass off. More serious than ever.

Pat’s Answer:

hi mark,

thanks for writing in. larry will always, ALWAYS remain an early favorite for me - his playing with gary burton in the 60's revolutionized everything, and in particular the way he played on the record "gary burton quartet live in concert" from carnegie hall which contains some of the most creative and important jazz guitar playing of all time.

so, yes, i was shocked and disappointed when i heard that it was larry (when i heard it on the radio i didn't even recognize it as him) that had made that version of wes's "bumpin on sunset" - which actually happens to be one of my favorite wes tracks ever so i was extra bugged by it.

but whatever, i know larry is just trying to do good things with music, maybe a producer thought it was a good idea or something - but we are in an era that just because we CAN do some things technologically speaking that maybe we couldn't before - it doesn't mean that it is really a good idea to go ahead and do them. i've made a few goofs in this area of implementing new technology and in the excitement of it found that it wasn't a great solution to a musical problem myself over the years, quite honestly.

i have not really heard larry that much over the past years, but i know that wertico plays with him once a year or so and always comes back saying how much he enjoys it. there is no doubt in my mind that larry is playing fantastic and i would love to hear him again soon. good luck with your music!

best from pat m.