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--- Jun 10 2000 Go to category
Subject: Orquestra Popular Brasileira
Category: Other Musicians
From: Fernando Carneiro (Sao Paulo/ Brasil)

Pat, I know that you received a copy of the "Orquestra Popular Brasileira" debut release. I wonder if you can express your feelings about that album and band. They are my fave ensemble in Brazil. I just hope you enjoyed them.

Pat’s Answer:

hi fernando,

i hope i am right in assuming that you are actually talking about the record "orquestra popular de camara", a great group from sao paulo in brasil.

yes, i did recieve a copy of the record, and i really loved it. in fact, it is one of the few records in my recent collection that i find myself returning to again and again. i especially love the voice of the singer, monica salmaso. it is great to hear sophisticated and modern music still coming from brasil, a place where there is more natural musical talent in reserve than just about anywhere i have ever seen. what i love about this music is that it sounds like NOW in brasil to me - without really being that traditional somehow, even though it is obvious that the players know all about the sources of what they are playing. for folks that are interested, the label is NUCLE CONTEMPORANEO in brasil - i am guessing it is hard to find, but it is worth the search.