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--- Jun 15 2000 Go to category
Subject: Transcribing
Category: Improvisation/Soloing
From: Brent  Nyitray (New York, NY)

Hi pat. I am a beginning improviser on guitar, and I was wondering which 3 solos (any performer, any instrument) you would recommend transcribing the most? When you were learning, who's work did you transcribe the most? What is your opinion of transcribing solos in general?



Pat’s Answer:

hi brent,

especially for beginning improvisors, transcription can be a very effective tool for ear training, and just general understanding of what the language of improvisation actually entails. it is also a way to kind of momentarily step into the mind of a great musician and look at the kind of thinking processes that they employ to become who they become as players.

wow, it is hard to pick just three.... since you are just starting out, i would pick some pieces that have fairly simple harmonic progressions as played by really great players....hmmmm....

how about;

"bumpin on sunset" by wes montgomery

"so what" miles davis on kind of blue

and maybe a great ballad performance on a relatively simple tune like something from a clifford brown record.

one thing - at this stage, ANYTHING you transcribe will be beneficial for you in a lot of ways, just jump in there!

best from pat