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--- Jun 14 2000 Go to category
Subject: Charlie Haden
Category: Other Musicians
From: Michael Scott (CT/USA)

Pat, thanks for interacting with us fans here. My question: Is your objection to Kenny G's dubbing with Louis Armstrong based solely on G's lack of artistic credibility? Or do you think it an inappropriate act in general (ie: Natalie Cole and her Dad)? I was wondering specifically what you thought of your good friend Charlie Haden's efforts here on Quartet West's "Always Say Goodbye".

P.S. I saw you in attendance at Carnegie Hall for the recent Keith Jarrett Standards Trio show. What an amazing night of music that was!

Pat’s Answer:

hi micheal,

yes, the keith concert was absolutely inspiring - one of the most incredible nights of music i have ever seen, and one that i think served to once again remind many of us in the audience of how great "great" really can be.

you are mistaken to include the haden records in this questionable aethestic area - charlie's quartet west cd's don't involve them overdubbing on top of previously released recordings. charlie includes the original performance of a song he loves, THEN he and his band play go onto to play THEIR quite distinctly different and beautiful version of it their own way right next to it. i love those records and think that charlie's respect for the music and the artists that he loves should be a model for everyone.