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--- Jun 15 2000 Go to category
Subject: Process
Category: Composing
From: Dan Effland (mORGANTOWN)

What is your creative process if any. do you sit down to write or do you just get the urge. what inspires you? Mostly, what do you think about conceptually? Do you have a subject outside of music usually?

Pat’s Answer:

hi dan,

the "process" for me is wildly diverse, depending upon what i am working on at the time. a deadline usually helps!

i love music so much that it is something that i am happy to spend many hours a day working on. i have found that that element - the thing of just making sure you "go to work" each day to really dive into the zone of music itself is the only essential thing - that is, the TIME that you devote to it.

if i am working on learning a new way of playing on certain changes, the actual things that i do will be different than if i am trying to write a new tune or something. but thing that is common, is that i go somewhere with the intention of doing "that" for "X" number of hours - and whether i am getting something going or not, i try to stick with it.

best from pat