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--- Jun 15 2000 Go to category
Subject: The New standard
Category: Composing
From: Dan Effland (Morgantwon,WV)

What do you think about the "new" standard repetoire. As a young aspiring jazzer, I feel it is the duty of musicians in my generation to play our songs. I love all of the old ones but wny shouldn't Blackbird, villanova Junction, or even a Nirvana tune not be interpreted in a jazz setting. Thanks, Dan

Pat’s Answer:

hi dan,

it is a really interesting question. i believe that the songs you fall in love with when you are first discovering music in a serious way really have a meaning that sticks with you your whole life. i would encourage you to always play the music you love the way you want to hear it. for me, the beatles tunes that i grew up with, the jobim tunes, even the bacharach tunes have a kind of resonance somewhere in me that is special. someday i hope to reach a point where i can find something really of my own to add to those tunes that i love so much. there were a couple of those on the "beyond the missouri sky" record with charlie haden; especially "two for the road" which has been one of my favorite songs since i was really just a little kid. you may have a harder time with something like "smells like teen spirit" - but the beauty that you hear in music as a fan can always be found somewhere inside the musician that lives in you.

good luck!

best from pat