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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Trip to Morocco
Category: General Questions
From: Abdel Ahmadi (Washington, DC/Morocco)

Salam Pat, Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. >Which places did you visit in Morocco? I was born and raised in casablanca. My father was from a Tafroute "taf-route" in the Atlas mountains south of Morocco. That part of the country is called Souss.If you ever get a chance to visit again, plese check it out. Some of the nicest peaple i have ever met.I go back to visit every other year and Souss is alway a must. >What di you like about it? >Did you get a chance to listen to our music? Thake care, Abdel

Pat’s Answer:

hi abdel,

in fact, i spent a good portion of time right in that area of the atlas mountains. some amazing carpets are made in there, as i am sure you well know. i jammed several times with some moroccan musicans which was really an experience. i have always loved that music and i got a really nice oud there that i have been practicing (it is actually very similar in technique to the fretless guitar used on imaginary day) - went to the annual berber wedding ceremony/festival several hours north of er-rachida which was the most amazing single thing i have ever witnessed in my life. the whole trip is embedded in my mind as a movie that was better than any movie... it was a shock to finally go to casablanca (only at the very end) - it was really like a whole different country from the rest. can't wait to go again....