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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Common Thematic Elements
Category: Inspiration
From: Mike Kurzawa (Colonia, NJ)

Have always been curious about my perceptions of (at least to my ears) of common melodic elements in the tunes "The Bat Part II" - "Distance" (by Lyle)- and of all things "Have Your Self A Merry Little Christmas". Lyle's tune seems to use the melodic segment I here in a number of different keys throughout the piece (I forget what that's called in musical terms). Was curious if it was intentional on Lyle's part (is it too forward to ask what "The Bat" is about? or Distance for that matter) Hearing "The Bat Part II" always reminded me of how nice the (above) Christmas tune would sound done really slow etc. (the connection with the Christmas tune has to do with a different melodic element more apparent in "The Bat Part II" than in "Distance"). And while I'm on the subject, how often does the improvising process (or not - could be written) on previously done material (maybe not even your own) provide a basis for new musical ideas?

Pat’s Answer:

wow, that is a rough one.

about the only thing i could say that all of those pieces have very slightly in common is that the central melody notes of the first melody outlines those of a major arpegio. other than that - i would say it is a stretch. as far as improvising vs. composing goes - they are kind of the same basic thing - just that one is done in real time.. thanks for listening.