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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Secret Song from Secret Story
Category: Specific Tunes
From: David  Suspanic (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Pat: I saw you on the Secret Story Tour in Albany, NY. You gave an introduction that you wrote this song while touring for Secret Story. You played the song at that show that on acoustic guitar and you played it so hard, I thought you were going to put it out of tune. Later in that same song, the rest of your band joined in and the song ended very beautifully. I was wondering if you had a name for that song and if you would consider releasing it as a live or studio version. I think that it was great an lies in my memory as something I will never forget.

Pat’s Answer:

hi david,

i think the piece you are talking about was 'we had a sister' - we played it on that whole tour, and i did an intro each night on the acoustic. i never really recorded it on my own though in that format - it is on a joshua redman record called 'wish' - but it is pretty different on there.

thanks david.