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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: We're maturing, honest!
Category: Touring
From: Mark Speller (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Since I left philly some 20 years ago, I haven't had the honor of taking in one of your profound musical presentations. One overseas event in 87'and frisco. I have been exiled to Lost Wages since 1990 and have only your recordings to suckle. Is Vegas an improper venue? Because I would thoroughly enjoy a good dose of any musical configuration of PMG. Please tell me that the jewel of the desert has a concert in its future. I truly believe these heathens are ready. Your work is timeless and healing. Thank you forever, in advance.

Pat’s Answer:

we used to play every now and then at unlv. other than that, somehow i don't see us hitting the casinos for a while. i don't think the everyday vegas attenders would be into our thing that much. i do like to go there sometimes myself though. i love the desert out there, and it's fun to hang there for a few days and do the thing. i know it is changing alot there these days though, i have not been out there for a few years....